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About Us

I'm Gifty, aka FENETI.

Ever since I decided to grow out my natural hair, I would dare my detangling sessions on my hair wash days. It felt like a chore. As I got more skilled on how to grow long and healthy hair, I avoided using regular towels for drying my coils.


One day, I was washing my hair, as I realized I had forgotten the old shirt I used at the time. So I reached for my son's baby towel (a terry towel), and effortlessly wrapped it around my head. As I walked to go get my little "rag", I thought to myself, “wow, that was so easy to wrap, if only this could be in the right material with the right feel, it would be so perfect for my hair”.


This thought is what took me on a journey to create SHETOWEL.


Today, I'm absolutely grateful to finally share what has come to life with you. I believe that every woman deserves to enjoy her hair wash days, she deserves to celebrate and experience the beauty of the hair that naturally grows out of her scalp. SHETOWEL was created with you in mind.