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About Us

I'm Gifty – aka FENETI,


ever since I decided to grow out my natural hair in its coily texture, I would try to avoid my wash days. It would take forever to get myself to wash my hair, because it always felt like a chore. I would spend hours in my bathroom washing and styling my hair, just to get it right. I would pre-poo, shampoo, then detangle my hair. Only to detangle again after rinsing, because my regular towel with all its little loops, would rip out my 4c coils and tangle up my hair all over. It was tedious and not at all a fun thing to do. Unfortunately, that was my hair regimen for a very long time.


Fast forward a year later, I had become a bit more skilled and learnt a few tips here and there, on how to grow long and healthy hair. One of them was, to avoid using regular towels on my coily hair, I immediately put that into practise. I was away from home with my family, taking some time off. It was a lovely sunny day and I had just finished rinsing out my hair only to realize, I had forgotten the old shirt I now use for drying. So instead, I looked for something in my reach. I grabbed my son's baby towel (a terry towel), and effortlessly wrapped it around my head. As I walked towards the bedroom to grab my little "rag", I thought to myself, “wow, that was so easy to wrap, if only this could be in the right material with the right feel, it would be perfect”.

So I created SHETOWEL.